Infographic design – ‘Best in class’

OK, so if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking ‘best in class’ is an overused, and under-proven claim, however, the infographic below this article was selected and case studied by Google Squared as one of three ‘best in class’ infographics during a live class, competing with twenty other digital marketing teams and credited for its distinctive design.

It wasn’t accidental. We thought strategically (as you should) from the beginning about how to maximise efforts:


  1. Responsive: use of narrow columns to make it legible on a wide range of digital devices
  2. Tell a story: historical data combined with insights and next steps
  3. light on text: graphics are optimised to tell as a much of the story as possible
  4. CTA: if you wanted to know more, where could you contact the people behind it
  5. Under 1mb in file size (no easy task when you’re designing)
The primary objective was to produce something of value for fundraisers. We wanted it to be a tool that would be used as a reference point by marketers working in the charity sector. Secondly, was to meet the assignment brief by illustrating the impact of digital on the Fundraising sector over time. Finally, it needed to be visually distinctive enough to impress judges and engage with a wide audience.
After only limited sharing of our final infographic amongst close friends, (using email and G+) it has generated commercial interest from new and existing clients of mine, proving the business case of a truly ‘purposeful’ infographic.
Before you see the work below, I should mention the brilliantly organised team who I collaborated with. Thanks to Ben Piper, Isabel Ross-EdwardsFiroz NamajiMeeta Gourney, Rebecca BaldwinRuth Coulthard – Without which, it wouldn’t have been as successful. Proof that great teams (and I think we were) – needn’t be in one location using Digital tools like Google Hangouts.

 Fundraising infographic by Paul Stratford
Hopefully I fulfilled my own objectives here and imparted some knowledge?  You’ll be the real judge of that and so I’d love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment below and I’ll respond within 24 hours or write to me via this form or LinkedIn. Alternatively you can call on 0203 287 4910 – I’m really interested in hearing your views and opinions – good or bad!
 By Paul Stratford

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