Beijing Business Park Identity kit for marketing to UK SME’s.
Stylised subway map & jacket modelled on the gates to the ancient city. Dramatised the traditional and modern culture of the city, adding dual purpose as a route guide for visitors.


Design Council Campaign educating SME’s on How to communicate effectively with Design  
This was a year long campaign promoting the business effects of Design when implemented correctly.


3D cutout mailer dramatising key statistics of sickness at work.
Using packaging techniques, this direct mail piece folds up like a child’s paper chain. The effect was layered and delivered information in bite size pieces


Holiday Autos required alignment of branded illustrations and better Creative Execution of Digital Campaigns 
Adhering to brand guidelines and extending the creativity, I developed a consistent rationale for the illustrations
Success of the account ended in the sale of the Holiday Autos Brand


Working with the BBC, I defined this approach for their Research and Learning Group. Distinctive typography & infographics disguised a lack of quality photography.
In addition to photography, I overcame the challenge of last minute changes and accuracy by linking InDesign to the Word documents and cross referencing all stylesheets. When the BBC sent over the very last and final 6,000 word document at 11pm at night, it was faithfully flowed in and stylesheeted within 1 minute.
I devised this process for all 11 documents and it proved a lifesaver in costs, changes and schedules.



Healthcare translation website promoting the benefits of human translations vs. computer translation. 
The Case Studies ‘identities’ remain confidential with careful layout considerations.